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My Internship in KPMG This winter, I was honoured to take an internship in the audit department of KPMG (China) Advisory Ltd. Nanjing Branch for 2 months. During the whole internship, I have experienced the real life as a professional and have gained great knowledge for both professional and interpersonal. Unlike internal auditing, an accounting firm always plays a role as the external auditor. They are the independent party outside the organization, aiming at providing reasonable assurance on the opinion towards the financial statements and the notes prepared by the organization to the external users. By this way, they pay much attention on the completeness and fairness of the financial statements. In practice, we have also conducted a lot of test on the organization’s internal control and risk management; however, we were not designed to perform these procedures to provide assurance on the internal control or risk management but to provide evidence to draw conclusion to the financial statements. During my internship, I was on a team to serve a large-scale listed company in communication industry. I was responsible for confirmations, test of details on several relevant simple accounts (cash, expenses, inventory, etc.), and some internal control. Even though I have studied the theory of auditing in class, but to put into practice is a brand new world to me. For example, as confirmation is very important audit evidence from the 3rd party, the compliance to the regulation will determine the quality of confirmation and no error is allowed. When I was searching for the entries and invoices, it required a well-designed algorithm to improve the efficiency since there were too many entries at the clients’ office. All of these have helped me developing practical skills. My communication skill and professional knowledge have also enriched when I query some problems and negotiating with the staff of clients. I have also gained an over-all sense of the communication industry from the internship experience. From my own point of view, auditing is a career that has high standard of responsibility. Our projects need to be treated carefully ranging from the smallest thing such as casting numbers to the bigger one such as accounting adjustment. Integrity is the first principle of the professional ethic. Without it, we cannot finish our job perfectly and the reputation of the profession will be damaged. External auditors cannot provide consulting services, but within cooperation between CPAs and internal auditors, both side can benefit a lot and improve effectiveness and efficiency. Internal auditing and external auditing have similar auditing procedures and technology. The experience of the internship is fruitful, and with the experience in KPMG, I can now have a better understanding on the courses in IAEP programs.